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Our collection of exotic and artisanal flower

Grown by cultivators with years of experience in the craft. All of our cannabis is grown under HID lights with high-quality nutrients and perfect atmospheric conditions. This brings the plant’s genetics to their full potential; rich in terpene profiles and virgin flowers that are covered in trichomes. Ripe cannabis is slow cured and hand-trimmed to create ultra-premium flowers with great aroma and taste for a true connoisseur experience.

Our premium live resin sauce pens

Woodland Reserve sauce pens are created with 100% High Terpene live resin extract. Our premium flowers are flash-frozen and cold extracted to capture the true cannabinoid and terpenes profiles of the live cannabis plant. Skillfully refined and filled in a high-quality c cell ceramic vape pen for a sophisticated vaping experience.

Current Seasonal Releases

Our seasonal Flower and Sauce Offerings 

summer 2019

– Flower –

Orange Creamsicle
Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit
Orange, Vanilla, Citrus
21-24% THC

Purple Drank Breath
Purple Punch X Mendo Breath
Sweet, Candy, Gas
19-21% THC

Wedding Crasher
Wedding Cake x Purple Punch
Berry, Vanilla, Sweet
19-21% THC

Grape Marmalade
Grape Pie x Platinum
Sweet, Doughy, Grape
18-20% THC

Boost X Tangelo
Diesel, Pungent, Cheese
21-23% THC

Roc OG
White Fire x Kuchi
Earthy, Diesel, Pine
21-23% THC

– Sauce –

Sensi Star x Belldona x OG Kush
Diesel, Pine, Kush
65-70% THC

Kayah's Dream
Blue Dream x Chemdawg
Lemon, Skunky , Berry
63-68% THC

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