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Woodland Reserve Live Resin Sauce Pens


Offering our line of premium high terpene live resin sauce for the concentrate connoisseur in the convenience of a c-cell ceramic vape pen. Live Resin Sauce is coveted for having a robust flavor palette far beyond what other extracts can produce. The full cannabis flowers are flash-frozen and cold extracted. This allows us to preserve the terpene and flavors of the live cannabis flower and extract them into the final product. Leaving you with a euphoric and elegant vaping experience.

Our Seasonal Collections of Crafted Live Resin Sauce

summer 2019 Collection

Sensi Star x Belldona x OG Kush
Diesel, Pine, Kush
65-70% THC

Kayah's Dream
Blue Dream x Chemdawg
Lemon, Skunky , Berry
63-68% THC

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